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What is a Trashion Show?


This is our 2023 GWC project. It is a fashion show of outfits designed, sewn, and CODED by members of the Concord Girls Who Code. We used different found materials to make these outfits. We took “trash” and made it into fashionable clothing

Why did we call it the Trashion Show?

We got inspired by the idea of making a prom dress for Hannah, our teen facilitator who is also a fashion designer and aspiring electrical engineer. We wanted to try new things like sewing, making outfits, and coding with Lilypad Arduinos to make wearable technology. We want to show different things you can do with coding to show just how cool it is. We were also thinking about climate change and the trend toward fast fashion. We didn’t want to buy cheap, disposable clothes. Instead, we used second hand clothing that would otherwise be thrown away. We also collected fabric remnants to make our outfits. We hope that our show will encourage people to think about what they wear and how it impacts the environment.