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Fushia Fusion


Designer: Arnavi Malhotra

How did you get the Trashion Piece Name? I got the name because of the color of the fabric and the 'flow' of my outfit.

How did you get the idea? I got the idea by thinking in a different perspective. I knew that the jumpsuit would look better when cut into a top and bell bottoms. Also, I loved the fabric/color and design of it.

What materials did you use? For my outfit, I used a jumpsuit which I cut into a top and bottom. Some materials that were used were a needle, thread, sewing Machine, ribbon, mesh, scissors, pencil, rulers, and more.

How much money do you want for this? None, I'm keeping it for myself.

What have you learned? I have learned how to sew, make headbands, thread a needle/machine, and much more.