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White Blossoms.


Designer: Ursula

How did you get the Trashion Piece Name? I got my trashion piece name from my flowered white fabric.

How did you get the idea? I got my idea for White Blossoms because i thought the fabric was so pretty and as soon as i saw it, I had a vision. It took many plans to perfect it, and I'm really happy with the final design.

What materials did you use? I used one sheet of recycled fabric, one of my white shorts, and another recycled item, a blue mesh strip.

How much money do you want for this? I would put White Blossoms up for about $1,500.

What have you learned? I have learned how to use a sowing machine during this process, to work with what you have, and there is beauty in everything, but sometimes its just hard to find.